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Trimaran BANDIT 870, cruising multihull with folding beams

Welcome to the Multid'O shipyard's site, cruising speed multihull manufacturer!

Bandit 800’s evolution, the BANDIT 870 was designed to simplify navigation in multi-hull:

* One pivoting centerboard on the central hull, with automatic release crash system.

* A FRP’s renforcement on central hull’s bottom for beaching.

* An extension of central hull’s bottom allows extending the waterline length of 1 foot. This change allow an easyer water access, increase size  the cockpit , and restore the trim of the boat in light air.

* A saber rudder installed on the transom.  The rudder coupled to the outboard engine positioned on the transom, improves driving the folded boat when maneuvering in the marina.

* An aluminum SELDEN mast and boom with a reefing automatic system.

* All the deck hardware has been entrusted to SELDEN.

* BANDIT 870’s interior is modified to include a double aft berth and a separate bathroom with chemical toilet.

All these changes validated by the architect Pierre ROLLAND, the BANDIT 870 is a real fast cruising multihull, suitable for family’s sailing or reduced crew.